Our Business Practice

Hans Kennon has been practicing law for over 18 years. Mr. Kennon focuses on insurance law and assists families and businesses like yours across Florida in disputes with their own insurance company. The firm is experienced in handling insurance coverage disputes and bad faith claims with insurance companies. Also, we represent you on a contingent fee basis so there are no upfront costs to you, no retainer fee, and no bill in the mail for investigating or bringing the case to a resolution.

What is “Contingent Fee Basis”?

Our firm does not require any upfront payments for the investigation or litigation of your claim. We want you to use your resources to get your life back to normal while we work to resolve your claim with the insurance company. A contingent fee means that we do not get paid unless we recover insurance benefits for you. If we do not get you paid, then we do not get paid either.  If we do not resolve the case for you, we will not be able to recover our expenses from you and we won’t be paid. In some circumstances some or all of our fees and expenses may be paid by the insurer but sometimes our fees and expenses are taken from the settlement or judgment when the case is won.

Often, once the insurer’s decision is challenged, the insurer may make an offer to try to resolve the case. The decision to resolve the case is always fully up to you. We will provide guidance to you regarding the benefits and the negatives of accepting a settlement.  We will insure that your decision is an informed and educated decision. We want you to be satisfied with the resolution of your claim. Please allow us to consider your claim for no cost and no obligation.