Mold & Mildew Claims

Mold is everywhere but that does not mean you want it in your home or business. If you have mold or mildew damage in your rental property, apartment, home or business you most likely need to retain the services of a Florida mold claim attorney. Insurers do not like to pay mold claims and the insurers have multiple exclusions to prevent paying your claim.  Often by the time you see the mold it may have spread behind the walls of your home or business and is almost always the result of a pipe break or some other form of water intrusion.  Mold is the type of condition that needs to be disclosed when you sell your home so it should be repaired and remediated completely.  You may need the services of an insurance attorney who is knowledgeable in understanding the insurance policy language regarding mold coverage.  If the claim is presented correctly, the insurer may be liable for payment of the clean-up which can include the  air conditioning and ventilation systems and the repair of the interior or structural damage caused by the mold.

As you can see, a mold damage claim is best handled by a lawyer. Hans Kennon is glad to provide you with a free case review so please call or contact us for an appointment.