Sinkhole Claims

Something seems wrong with your home. Maybe a door does not close easily or there is a crack in your drywall that you would swear was not there before. You have a new crack in your driveway or exterior stucco wall. There are many signs of a sinkhole and some are obvious and some are subtle. Is there a depression in your front yard or your neighbor’s yard that was not there before? Initially, insurer’s usually start with denying that you have a sinkhole in the first place.

Even how you present the claim can be critical in a sinkhole case and it is just as critical to have a Florida sinkhole attorney assisting you with the claim. If the insurer has to admit that you have sinkhole activity after the first denial it will usually say that the damage to your home or business is only cosmetic and not structural. There are many excuses to avoid paying your claim. The insurer will hire its long time “experts” who have been being paid for years to find no sinkhole activity at a home or business just like yours. The proper repair of a sinkhole can be very expensive and insurer’s do not like paying those claims even more than other claims.

How Can a Florida Sinkhole Attorney like Hans Kennon Help You With Your Claim?

When you retain an attorney who specializes in claims like sinkholes, he places your best interests first. Hans Kennon has over 18 years of experience. What this means to you is that he has the experience and knowledge to successfully litigate your sinkhole claim. Hans Kennon has been a member of the Florida Bar for over 18 years and brings to you his past experience in representing insurance companies and later taking on those very same insurance companies on sinkhole claims and more. You make no up front investment of your money. You invest In Hans Kennon’s experience in handling your claim. The costs associated with sinkhole claims can be substantial but we advance those costs. We only get our fee and costs if we obtain a recovery for you. What this means is that you can feel confident that it is in our best interest to fight as hard as possible to win your case. If you don’t win, we work for free and we lose the costs we advanced on your behalf. Our arrangement makes us both wanting to win and to obtain a successful resolution to your case.