Hurricane & Windstorm Claims

s_s01_RTR39QFUThe possibility of a hurricane is always present from May through November each year. We have all learned about hurricane preparedness and just like fresh water and flashlights we should also know that we need proper insurance to compensate us in the event of hurricane damage. Even in the worst of times where your insurer is supposed to be looking out for you it unfortunately does not always work out that way and that may be the time where you need an experienced insurance lawyer like Hans Kennon.

hurricane_1563934cHans Kennon has experience litigating hurricane insurance claims. I would be privileged to review your case at no cost to you. We will review your insurance policy and the letter denying or underpaying your claim and explain what needs to be done. As we work on a contingent fee basis, if we accept your case, we will pay the costs associated with litigating and resolving your case and our fee and expenses will be taken from the final recovery we obtain on your behalf. If there is no recovery, we work for free and you owe us nothing.

1031B_deductibleJH_50Why do I Need a Hurricane Insurance Attorney?
There are many issues that arise associated with hurricane insurance claims in Florida. If your insurance company claims you have no coverage, won’t write you a check, or gives you the run a round and won’t get back with you, we can help. If your insurer won’t give you a fair estimate, call us. If you are just getting nowhere with your claim and time is slipping away, it’s time to put us to work for you as your attorney. The loss was bad enough.  Do not let a bad insurer make your claim worse.  If you believe that you have been treated unfairly, call for the help of an experienced insurance attorney.