Fire Insurance Claims

fire-damage-pageFire damage to your home or business is a very traumatic event. Having survived the event you are now faced with putting your life back in order. But that’s not always as simple as calling your insurance agent. Your claim may be denied or underpaid. Any disruption in your income can cause true financial difficulty to your family or business. This is where Hans Kennon can help you.

Working with an experienced insurance lawyer can be a major factor in obtain a fair resolution of you case for benefits that you are entitled to receive. Experience is what counts in insurance cases. Mr. Kennon has 18 years of experience in litigating insurance claims against the biggest and smallest of insurance companies. You never know who will fight harder to not pay your claim. I will review your claim at no charge to you and explain what needs to be done.


How Can I Help With Your Insurance Claim?

  • Homeowner’s claims – Contact us if you have damage to your home and your insurer is delaying payment or has refused payment on your claim.
  • Commercial/business insurance claims – Contact us if fire, water, theft or vandalism has damaged your commercial property and your insurance company is not extending coverage for your loss.
  • Smoke and fire damage – Once the insurer realizes the scope or cost of the loss sometimes the insurer will decide it is easier to deny coverage and hope you give up instead of paying the claim.  Do not let the insurer tell you that the repair will be “good as new” when the property needs to be replaced. Contact us to assist you in obtaining a fair recovery.
  • Claim Denial – I have years of experience fighting insurers who deny your insurance claim.
  • Additional Living Expenses or Loss of Income – It costs more when you are out of your home or business and your insurer may refuse to pay for the expenses incurred while getting your home or business back on its feet. Contact us if payments are not being made or unreasonably delayed.