Business Interruption Claim

If your business property has suffered damage from a hurricane, theft, fire, vandalism, windstorm, hurricane or other type of loss, your company may have a policy benefit for additional expenses you may incur due to the loss. A loss generally requires you to expend additional money while trying to keep your business stable and moving forward.  Due to a loss you may have to move your business to a temporary location or but replacement supplies or new inventory for sale.  There are many way in which even a basic loss can create a disturbance in your workflow to cause problems with your business. When presented with such a claim an insurer may question the need for your expenses or outright deny the business interruption claim. At that point we can help. Hans Kennon can help in cases of denied claims, undervalued claims and delayed claims. Commercial losses and commercial insurance policies can be quite confusing and there may be different insurance policies to address different aspects of the loss. There are many types of commercial business insurance but generally the polices pay for:

  1. “Business Personal Property” – your equipment and inventory.
  2. “Business Interruption” – this insurance provides coverage for lost income due to the loss.
  3. “Additional Business Expenses” – this coverage applies to the extra expenses your business incurs due to the loss itself.

As you can see, it matters that you file the right claims not just any claim and Hans Kennon can help you do it right. Contact us today for a free claim review.