Bad Faith Claims in Florida

419If you are lucky enough to have an insurer who looks out for you that can be a lifesaver, for your family, home and business. An unresponsive or uncaring insurance company that makes bad decisions on your claim can make an already difficult process even worse. Hans Kennon is at your service to assist you, your family and your business in disputes with their own insurance companies. If your claim is denied, delayed or underpaid, including your insurer not accurately informing you of policy provisions and benefits, including the insurer’s denial of refusal to pay your claim, we are here to help. If you feel you have been treated unfairly by your insurance company, contact Hans Kennon to review your claim. Hans Kennon will handle bad faith insurance cases, and do all he can to bring your case to a successful resolution. I will hold the insurance company accountable for its bad faith conduct toward you, your family, or your business.

  • What is Insurance Bad Faith? – The whole reason that a person or business purchases insurance is to provide financial security if there is a loss.  A policy of insurance is a written contract to provide financial assistance in the event of a loss that is covered by the insurance policy.  The insurer by selling you that policy has legally agreed to treat you in good faith and to deal fairly with you if there is a loss.
  • Insurance Claim Denied – Has your insurer not treated you in good faith by unfairly denying, delaying or underpaying your valid claim? Do you not know which way to turn when you thought buying insurance actually meant that the insurer was going to pay your valid claim? Did you insurance agent not properly advise you as to insurance coverage that is now resulting in your claim being underpaid or even denied.
  • Failure to Disclose – Your insurance adjuster has a code of ethics that he or she must follow to remain within the law and within that code of ethics it states that the adjuster has a duty to fairly investigate your claim and to keep you updated on the progress of the claim. When you bought the policy and certainly when you have a claim pending you want to believe that the adjuster has negligently r intentionally misled you. You keep your part of the bargain by paying your premiums every month and you are entitled to expect that the adjuster will do the same for you and it can be a difficult realization that the adjuster has misled you as to the status of coverage or the amount to be paid to you or your business to rebuild that part of your life.
  • Refusal to Pay – There are some claims where the insurer will refuse payment of your valid claim.  An insurer may give you many reasons for not paying your claim but that does not make those reasons reasonable or even true.  Insurance companies are large corporations that can pressure adjusters to deny or underpay a claim. The complex language in an insurance policy as to what is covered and what is not gives the insurance adjuster an opportunity to deny or underpay your claim if you do not have an experienced insurance coverage lawyer on your team.