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067If you have a denied or underpaid insurance claim, you may not know what to do or how to reverse the insurer’s denial or extreme “lowball” offer. You think you can rely on your own insurer and it can be very upsetting when your own insurer denies your claim or makes an offer that will not fix the damage. So when you have a claim denial, claim delay, or the insurer trying to lowball the value of your claim, in addition to already having a difficult time with the loss itself affecting your property, your home, or your business from any number of circumstances including fires, water pipe breaks, accidents, sinkholes, you need to retain a lawyer experienced in insurance coverage and bad faith conduct by the insurance company.

Mr. Kennon has been handling claims exclusively for policyholders for the past fourteen years and his purpose is to recover those unpaid benefits from those disputes with his client’s own insurance companies and has been his sole focus. Hans Kennon is known for his ability to help people when their insurers fail to pay as the policy provides. Hans Kennon will personally handle your insurance dispute with skill and experience.

Insurance policy language is very complicated and can be confusing to the insured and often to lawyers who do not regularly try to interpret insurance law. At our meeting we will go over the policy and I will explain what your insurance policy actually covers and what we will need to do to star the battle with your insurer and obtain the settlement or verdict you are entitled to under your policy of insurance. Let us shoulder the burden to obtain a fair recovery for you so you can focus on your family and business.

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Types of Claims Our Areas of Practice

Auto Property Claims

Property Damage to Vehicles Many events can cause damage to your vehicle.  Events such as an engine fire, a fallen tree, water damage, flood, theft or fire can all leave your vehicle totaled and worthless. When you make your claim to your insurance

Life Insurance Claims

Has the life insurance company denied payment on a life insurance policy where you were the beneficiary? If this has happened to you, you need an experienced insurance claims attorney. Life insurance is purchased to protect your loved ones from the

Sinkhole Claims

Something seems wrong with your home. Maybe a door does not close easily or there is a crack in your drywall that you would swear was not there before. You have a new crack in your driveway or exterior stucco wall. There are many signs of a sinkhole

Hurricane & Windstorm Claims

The possibility of a hurricane is always present from May through November each year. We have all learned about hurricane preparedness and just like fresh water and flashlights we should also know that we need proper insurance to compensate us in the

Fire Insurance Claims

Fire damage to your home or business is a very traumatic event. Having survived the event you are now faced with putting your life back in order. But that’s not always as simple as calling your insurance agent. Your claim may be denied or